The top 10 advantages of owning a Leopard 43PC

The Leopard 43PC is a powerful, well-balanced catamaran. She represents the future of power boating. But do you know the advantages to owning the Leopard 43PC versus other powercats on the market that are of comparable size? The truth is, they don’t compare. We have put together a list of the TOP 10 advantages of owning a Leopard 43PC — discover them below!


1. Yanmar 320 hp engines. The new standard for the Leopard 43PC, which is an upgrade from the 260 hp engines that she was originally equipped with, give more power and more speed to an already sleek and nimble hull design.  The Yanmar 320 hp engines are both modern and efficient, and they provide a performance that we guarantee will not disappoint. See point 3 for cruising / max speed.


2. Hull Design. The spectacular hull extensions house the propeller tunnels, helping create the 43PC’s great performance and efficiency. As the Architect explains, “To set the Leopard 43PC apart from other boats in direct competition, we designed a hull shape which would be less sensitive to trim over a range of loading conditions at different speeds.” – Alexander Simonis, Naval Architect/ Designer of the Leopard 43PC.


3. Speed and efficiency. The new hull design of the Leopard 43PC amplifies speed and agility. With narrower hulls and less wetted surface below the waterline, the Leopard 43 PC reaches a maximum speed of 24+ knots (27 MPH) and maintains exceptional fuel efficiency consistent with all Leopard power catamaran models.


4. Space. You can take 20+ family members and friends for an afternoon excursion onboard and it does not feel crowded, yet at the end of the day you can easily dock and operate the Leopard 43PC with just two people. The multiple areas such as the flybridge, salon, aft cockpit and foredeck allow all generations to find their ‘own’ space yet there is enough room for a sit down family dinner in the salon / aft cockpit.  


5. Interior Layout and Design. The layout in the 43PC is a chef pleaser — the galley is located forward and the forward-facing settee and table are now located aft. This allows for a panoramic view with large sliding glass doors between the saloon and the aft cockpit. Her design features grey king tree flooring and cabinetry, creating a fresh modern look. The airy colors are accentuated with jewel-like features and provide a contemporary atmosphere aboard the Leopard 43PC.


6. Forward access door. The door on the foredeck transforms the way the 43PC works, not only giving an excellent avenue for guests to travel forward but also to allow breeze back into the boat at anchor. The interaction between the different spaces, provided by the forward door, gives incomparable access between the different living areas and added ventilation.

7. Fly Bridge with wet bar and grill. The enormous flybridge on the Leopard 43 PC includes a grill, a wet bar and direct access to the sunbathing platform found forward. Other powercats of this size cannot compete with the features and space that this flybridge provides.


8. Superior storage. With the Leopard 43PC, you have room for all of your hobbies! The ample amount of storage space is found throughout the yacht, including in the aft cockpit, the flybridge and the foredeck. As a bonus, you are provided storage space under the floorboards.


9. Ease of use. With the helmsman sitting comfortably on the flybridge, maneuvering is not only easy— it is enjoyable! And thanks to the distance between the propellers, she provides excellent slow-speed maneuverability, and her shallow draught allows you to go where most motor yachts of this size simply can’t. The helmsman also has the ability to run the boat with the optional autopilot and second Yanmar throttle from the inside stirring station. 


10. Attractive lines and exterior. Her seaworthy and well-proportioned lines are what make the entire look of the yacht appealing. She is well-balanced and agile. Additionally, the meticulously integrated flybridge provides style and stability. 

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Katie Campbell

As a Marketing Manager for yacht sales, I have found my passion in promoting the catamaran cruising lifestyle. With a love for sailing and a deep understanding of the industry, I am committed to helping others discover the freedom and adventure of life on the water.