The Leopard 51 Powercat makes history

We are pleased to announce that Leopard Catamarans has built and sold over 100 Leopard 51 Powercats. 

We believe it is safe to say that we have found our sweet spot in the powercat market. Since the inception of the Leopard 51 PC in 2013, we had high expectations for her success. The design team of Simonis-Voogd Yacht Design, along with the team of experts at Robertson & Caine, put their talented minds together and brought us the most popular powercat ever to grace the Leopard Catamarans fleet.

This yacht has it all, but maybe there are some things about this popular model that you do not know. To celebrate this huge milestone for the flagship of our powercat fleet, we have decided to share with you a list of 10 facts about the Leopard 51 PC that may (or may not) surprise you.  

1. The Leopard 51 PC was the first Leopard Powercat designed by Simonis-Voodg Yacht Desgin.

2. The flybridge of the Leopard 51 PC is the largest in its class.

3. The flybridge of the 51 PC can be fully enclosed for maximum comfort.

4. The Leopard 51 PC is highly favored by delivery skippers for comfort and reliability.

5. The shallow draft of  0.98m (3ft.) allows the Leopard 51 PC to go where most motor yachts of this size simply can’t.

6. The Leopard 51 PC is so efficient that if you cruised her at 8 knots you could make it from New York to Ft. Lauderdale without having to refuel.

7. Last year Leopard Catamarans sold 9 powercats to the Asian Market.

8. The first leisure powercats did not appear until the mid 90’s.

9. The Leopard 51 PC is the first Leopard Powercat to reach 100 ships.

10. You can charter the Leopard 51 PC as a crewed yacht through The Moorings in the Caribbean.

While the Leopard 51 PC is currently the most popular model, the Leopard 43 PC is not too far behind. She boast 64 ships since her inception in 2015. No matter the model, with the increased production year on year, we know one thing is for certain, powercats are making huge waves in the yachting industry for more reasons than one.

We know that without loyal customers we would not be able to celebrate this huge milestone! And so we want to say thank you for all of your support. We know that we have the best customers and we appreciate you. 

Katie Baker

Katie is a Yacht Sales Marketing Professional specializing in the growth of the marine industry. Her creativity is most brilliant when sailing and multihulls are the theme.